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DISRUPTORS Campus is an action-driven web application that is uniquely designed to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills while gaining real-world startup experience.

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Disruptors Campus was developed by entrepreneurship professors from leading European Universities with a goal of offering their peers with a holistic digital solution which empowers students to master the process of startup creation.


Digital Companion

Students complete a series of interactive video challenges and implement best-practices of Silicon Valley success stories.


Hands-Off Teaching Approach

Leveraging state-of-the-art web application to offer students with an end-to-end solution without additional input from the course lecturers.

Offer your students a real
startup experience

A highly flexible digital education platform coupled with real-world execution framework 


Action-Driven Learning Journey

Students develop an initial startup idea and follow an interactive series of learning modules to validate core business assumptions.


Best-Practices Implementation

Students create a comprehensive investor pitch deck and record an associated pitch presentation.


Evaluation & Investors Matchmaking

Students receive an objective evaluation and individualized proposals for consecutive accelerator programs and investment networks.

Why entrepreneurship professors ❤️ us


Proven methodology, validated with real startups

Our interactive learning journey is based upon the curriculum offered to cohort startups by the world´s leading accelerators.


Digital end-to-end learning solution

Students access interactive, challenge-based educational modules and complete the learning journey from anywhere, anytime.

Save time and resources, focus on critical feedback

Designed to act as a complementary tool to Entrepreneurship courses, follow student´s progress via an individualised dashboard.

A team of academic researchers and startup accelerators experts

Our management team has accompanied hundreds of seed-stage startups and European students on their personal entrepreneurial journey.

Thomas Schier

STARTPLATZ Accelerator, PIRATE Summit, Startup SAFARI

Alon Brandman

Techstars, Startupbootcamp, leAD

Dr. Colin Schulz

Entrepreneurship Lecturer, WWU Münster

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kortmann

Director MBA, University of Amsterdam

Igor Mikhalev

Data Expert, Boston Consulting Group


Most frequent questions and answers

European Professors, who teach entrepreneurship, product management or innovation management that face the challenge of having to develop content for a new class, which also complies with the standards of online/hybrid learning.

DISRUPTORS Campus is a web-based learning app for students who need to transform a business idea into a structured business document and pitch presentation in university.

Students will benefit from the combination of synchronous (Lectures) and asynchronous (Disruptors) learning and have to execute small tasks every time they learned something new (learning by doing instead of watching).

Entrepreneurship education is too abstract and needs more hands-on elements (like sex education: talk is cheap, practice is fun). In today’s remote world of education, practical execution is even more difficult. DISRUPTORS combines the best of both worlds.

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