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DISRUPTORS Campus provides idea-stage founders worldwide with a digital platform for smart venture building.


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Our interactive platform educates and motivates aspiring founders globally.


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We make progress fun by learning best-practices from fast-growing companies.

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Learn from real-life success stories of prominent startups, validate your core business assumptions and sharpen your value proposition with a proven step-by-step method.


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Complete a series of interactive video challenges to learn the secrets behind successful venture building without all the noise.


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We help you make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes to boost your chances of fundraising success by 10X.

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Introduce your idea to the community to get visibility, attract first customers and secure the capital you need to take your venture to the next level.


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Attract new users, customers, pilot partners and strategic investors with an entertaining 60-seconds pitch.


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Build your fanbase, collect upvotes and become a trending startup to gain global visibility.

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Unlock your inner entrepreneur, build your venture and gain global exposure for absolutely free.


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Record a 60-seconds video pitch presenting your idea and receive exclusive access to our Beta.


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Complete interactive venture challenges and grow your business step-by-step.


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Collect upvotes and climb on top of the trending startups to gain visibility worldwide.

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DISRUPTORS Campus runs 100% online. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur with a laptop and WIFI connection, it's time for rock'n'roll.

Learn from success stories

We guide you through the jungle of redundant online ressources and provide you with relevant original content from founders for founders.

Grow your venture

Our job is to help you make the right decisions faster to avoid costly mistakes on your personal growth journey.

Build in public

Present your startup to 1000s of active investors, corporate innovators and startup enthusiasts to expand your own network.

Stand out from the crowd

Its not about your gender, location, ethnicity or background, you are solely being evaluated based on your progress.

Attract seed investors

Showcase your venture potential and your passion behind it to attract best-fit angel investors and VCs.

“DISRUPTORS helped us achieve product-market fit by guiding us through the chaos of founding a venture."

Dr. Swapnil Barmase,

Founder of Wallstreet Monks

“The DISRUPTORS helped us validate our most important business assumptions and avoid costly mistakes."

Lisa Wendzich,

Founder of Suncrafter

"The DISRUPTORS community includes some of the most innovative entrepreneurs out there who support each other and share new ideas."

Talaal Max Habib,

Founder of Alexandrya


Check out some of the startups who have already joined our DISRUPTORS Campus


Bel (Better in Everyday Life) is the world’s first online fitness coach matching service. We connect those looking to improve their health with high-quality, qualified online coaches. 

🇬🇧 United Kingdom  💪 Online Fitness  💸 B2B 

Huzzle is the only place students need to go to find and secure the most relevant roles to achieve their ultimate career goals.

🇩🇪 Germany  👩🏻‍💻 Human Resources  💸 B2B 

SunCrafter produces and provides solar systems offering energy access independent from existing power grids. Our systems work wherever needed – both in urban environments and rural areas.

🇩🇪 Germany ☀️ Clean Energy  💸 B2B 

Flo Mobility is building autonomous tech for electric 2-wheelers, with which Micro-mobility companies can remotely move their fleet without any on-ground human presence.

🇮🇳 India  🛴 Mirco Mobility  💸 B2B 

Crossplag is an ed-tech startup providing a cutting-edge similarity detection tool that enables the academic and research industry to identify plagiarism in multilingual and cross-lingual approaches.

🇽🇰 Kosovo  ✍️ Plagiarism Detection  💸 B2B 

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"For every Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs, there are millions of entrepreneurs who don’t reach their full potential due to the lack of access to knowledge and growth resources. We believe that technology has the power to change that."

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